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The Western Pleasure Clique

January 2003

Letter from the President, January 2003:

HAPPY NEW YEARS!! After a long winters break, I am finally back!! I have been so busy these past few months (Showing, Moving Barns, 4-H meetings and engagements) that I have finally worked time into my schedule to get this club up and running again. Id like to say hello to everyone and that I have missed you all.

We have made changes to our website, if you have any comments or suggestions please email the club!

Please check back frequently, there is always something to talk about on our message boards, new contests, and updates all the time!

At this time we have cancelled all elections, I will try and run the club myself but as soon as we get more members we will have elections again. We need you the members, to try and get as many people involved as possible, lets try and make it the best!

We are no longer doing contests anymore, its hard to send out prizes to winners and no one seems to be interested in entering. In the future I might possibly do contests and award money or other things to Horseland and Neo Pet players. If you have any ideas or suggestions, please email the club.

Visit our bulletin board page, we seem to have a lot of good and interesting topics going on, your voice counts for this club, and this is a great place to speak your mind.

Also one last thing, we have new studs up for stud of the month. VOTE NOW!! Januarys stud of the month is Zippin an awesome APHA stud voted for by you! Go visit Stud Of The Month page to see who's running this month. Deadlines for entrees are February 2nd.

Jean L, your prezzie


February 2nd: Deadline for Stallion of the Month

Have results from horse shows that you would like everyone to see? Email me @